Reliable Filter Systems, LLC

Reliable Filter Systems, LLC is the home of our desiccant breather that is reusable / refillable.  The HEMI base models are made to cut costs when it comes time to replace your current desiccant breathers in operation.  A HEMI desiccant breather, allows you to use and then refill the breather when it becomes exhausted, with color indicating – orange silica gel.  Instead of disposing of the entire breather unit, desiccant can be removed and properly disposed of, then breather refilled.

Currently the HEMI comes in base sizes of 10, 15, 20 ounce models.  We can also customize a breather to fit your specific application.

Breathers come with 1″ Male NPT fitting for mounting (1″ female can be requested), air holes on the bottom with removable caps, allow for the unit to breath in and out.  A 3 Micron Particle Filter inside, located on top and bottom to help with any other potential contamination issues.  If you are planning to store the breather longer term out of use, we can also offer to vacuum seal the desiccant breather unit.

Our refillable breathers are priced competitively starting at $60 per HEMI 10 Breather and $11.50 per vacuum sealed refill pack!